Saturday, July 27, 2019

Product Offering Consolidation

This year I have focused on ensuring all products "earn their keep". By that I mean in spite of how much I may personally love some of them, or the unique value propositions one may offer, if I can't sell enough to earn a profit then it has to be killed off. This has inevitably led to some unhappy customers as each has/had a dedicated following. Making those customers unhappy was the hard part :-( But at the end of the day, if the business is to survive to serve customers for another 15 years, the product paring must occur just as one would thin a forest to ensure healthy long-term growth.

With that said, I have added some new products in the past couple years that have earned great customer acceptance and appreciation, Iodine Sublime®, Sarcosine and L-Serine for example. As the opportunity arises to meet unique needs, I am always seeking unique products to address those needs.

As always, I thank my customers for their trust and support! The more you publicly post about your positive experiences with Relentless Improvement products, the more it ensures the strong sales and by extension, the survival of the products that you like!