Saturday, August 11, 2018

Business Owners Answering Their Phones and Emails - A Novel Idea!

Could not resist...haha, following an emailed question, and my response...

"Wait a minute here!  Are you telling me that Pete Hitesman himself.......the busiest man in the world (or close to it)....... not only has taken time out of his schedule to personally respond to some stranger who emailed him a question;  BUT, he did it on a Saturday within a couple of hours of receiving my email??  Are you kidding me?  If that is true, then he (and RI) are exceptional examples of how to be a terrific businessman!!   My only question at this point is:  Why can't everybody be like Pete??!!


XXXX County, MD
(p.s.  Come on.  Fess up!  Some part-time secretary responded to my email and signed Pete's name on the bottom.  Right?)"

After 13 years someone noticed!!


How else would a business owner know what their Customers cared about unless they interact one-on-one?