Sunday, October 01, 2017

Where Is It "Made"???? ARGH!

Been sitting on this post in my mind for a long time, here it comes...

"Where is it "made"?

Define "made"?
Why does it matter?
Do you have expertise in sourcing and manufacture?

"Made" means what? Where the capsules were placed into the bottle? Where the capsules were manufactured? Where the capsules were filled? Who made the bottle? Where the cotton insert came from? How about the desiccant packet? The excipients? The LABEL???

On and on and on...Getting my drift and sensing my frustration?

Here is what you probably meant to ask and the way you should have worded your question: "Where was the active ingredient raw material manufactured?" See? But now you've opened yet another can of worms because it's not that easy either! How about the input ingredients used to manufacture the active ingredient? The machinery used to manufacture? Is the ethnicity of the employees the same as the country they are based in?

IT IS A GLOBAL ECONOMY. IT IS A GLOBAL SOURCING AND MANUFACTURING REALITY. "Made" is a very slippery and elusive concept. Furthermore, most supplement manufacturers will simply lie to you, "SURE it's 100% made in USA!" Bullshit.

Follow this up with the fact that USA raw material manufacturing is non-existent. Our domestic facilities were gutted a long time ago. You don't have to like it, you just have to understand and accept this reality. Some small-scale, niche materials (myco products for example) are available in the USA but that is the exception not the rule.

Moving on...what is the NUMBER ONE country cited in FDA OUS Warning Letters By Geography for the past four years? INDIA. Fact, yet whoever asks if raw material comes from India? What is the number two on the list EUROPE! Following up at number three is China.

Look, you want to be a smart consumer. You want safe, effective products. You want to pay low prices. Raw material from pharmaceutical-quality manufacturers in China fills the bill. Period. End of story. I could buy from Europe, risk the high level of quality problems from some countries there, and have to charge you twice as much, is that really what you want? The active ingredient for 99% of ALL nutritional supplement companies come from China and India. Fact. Period. End of story.

With my business, Relentless Improvement, outside of the active raw material, everything else happens and/or is sourced in USA. Concept, Formulation, Administrative, Management, Bottles, Capsules, Excipients, Desiccants, Production of the finished product, Labels, Storage, Distribution.

Relentless Improvement products are sourced, formulated and manufactured based on quality, effective doses, low or no excipients and proven efficacy. The finished product batches are documented by a third party USA-based analytical laboratory. These are the facts that matter. Period.

I really hope this post helps to cut the bull promulgated by "100% USA Made!!" claims and clarify the simple reality of how business is done in today's world.  Don't ask "Where is it made?" instead seek businesses that tell you the truth and care about quality over marketing BS.