Friday, January 06, 2017

Relentless Improvement 2017

Hello Dear Readers! The good news: 2016 was incredible,  I was and am covered over providing you with new products of the highest documented quality. Wow, crazy! The new year 2017 holds more of the same, perhaps a few less new products than 2016.

Thank you to all my Relentless Improvement website and Amazon FBA customers! The direct to consumer business model I have always adhered to provides you with the best quality, highest purity products at great prices. The more products you buy, the more I can add new ones and lower prices.

Here is a list of the products added last year, in case you haven't kept up. These are available only via my Amazon listings and not on the Relentless website:

Fucoidan+Turkey Tail
Ganoderma (Reishi)
Hydroxycobalamin B12 Capsules
Turkey Tail

I'm eyeing some interesting materials to add for 2017. If you have a suggestion please email me at, tell me you read this post, and give me your suggestion. must be able to sell on Amazon! So no wild gray area stuff please :-)

As always, since January 2005, I thank you for your trust and support.