Saturday, September 03, 2016

Relentless Improvement New Products. Innovation galore!

Yes, it's true this poor blog has been left to rest for several months. Have no fear, there has been no rest for the Relentless Improvement product offerings research and development!

New- 25mg Micronized DHEA/75mg Micronized Pregnenolone combo. Wow, the latest micronized raw material plus efficacious dosing plus NO EXCIPIENTS!  Pharma-quality material at a very cost-effective price. Immanent release.

New- Ganoderma/Reishi, high-dose 700mg PER capsule (not per 2 capsules). Standardized to NLT 85% polysaccharides, NLT 33% Beta-Glucan. Full-spectrum, ulra-pure, USA cultivation and manufacture. NO EXCIPIENTS. Immanent release.

New- Citicoline. A generous pharma-grade 300mg per capsule. NO EXCIPIENTS. Immanent release.

New- Artemisinin 99% Extract. Ultra-high purity, cost effective price! Approx Oct release.

Super secret new products announced now for the first time: 

*Rhodiola ultra-high potency standardized extract: 5% Rosavins / 2% Salidroside compared to everyone else's same old 3%/1% stuff. As usual Relentless Improvement defines the top end of the market and it will be priced right. Approx Oct release.

*Fucoidan 85% standardized extract + Turkey Tail (USA cultivation and manufacture). You want laser targeted support for certain health conditions? You got it in spades with this one, stay tuned. There is nothing else like it in the world.Approx Oct release.

For 11 years you have depended on Relentless Improvement nutritional supplements for documented quality, high-purity products at fair prices. The owner continues to work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day to bring you value and innovation. Thank you for your support!