Thursday, October 20, 2016

Who IS Relentless Improvement LLC? Why are you different from all the other me-too supplement businesses? What's new??

Why, thanks for asking! I just updated the company description on Amazon, here it is:

"Serving you with unique, documented pharma-quality products since January 2005.
You may have just discovered the Relentless Improvement® brand of nutritional supplements,  but we've earned a reputation for quality, unique products and formulations over more than a decade.

Why should you do business with us?

  • Relentless Improvement brand products are the highest quality at great prices.
  • We do not, and have NEVER, given free or subsidized product in return for reviews. ALL of our product reviews are from real people who bought at full price and decided to write a review.
  • Relentless Improvement brand products are formulated, mixed, encapsulated or tableted, bottled, safety-sealed in USA-based, FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facilities.
  • ALL finished products are documented at a FDA-registered, USA-based, independent 3rd party analytical laboratory. The resultant Certificates of Analysis (CoA's) are tied by lot number to each batch of finished products. The is your ultimate and ONLY assurance of quality and purity.
  • Direct to consumer business model.  No middlemen to take a cut that results in higher prices for no added value to you!
  • Relentless Improvement is a tiny family-owned business and a privately held company- our sole focus is pleasing YOU, not shareholders or investors.
  • Over the years we have supported and given back to the community, organizations such as: The Methusalah Mouse Prize, Betterhumans, World Transhumanist Association and Immortality Institute

Relentless Improvement products have been available as FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) now for 2 full years. In fact some of the new RI products are now ONLY available via our Amazon listing. It's a great distribution channel, especially for Amazon Prime members.

New Products now available on Amazon:
Fucoidan+Turkey Tail
Lion's Mane
Rhodiola 5%
Turkey Tail