Thursday, October 15, 2015

Customer pushback on McCaskill Picamilon/Vinpocetine BAN: "What is Senator Claire McCaskill thinking! (regarding classification of Vinpocetine & Picamilon)"

Letter sent to their state Senators by one of my customers:

Dear Senator xxxxxxx,
Two supplements, Vinpocetine and Picamilon, which many
people like myself take, soon may be classified as prescription
drugs and become expensive, if Senator Claire McCaskill has
her way.
At a time when policy makers worry publicly about the rising
cost of health care, those of us who are responsibly taking
care of ourselves with effective products made from naturally
occuring substances find it hard to believe that an effective
ingredient like Picamilon developed years ago may only be
available at much higher prescription prices.  Will the next
breed of apple require a prescription?
Other countries have be pressured to classify Picamalon’s combination
of the neurotransmitter GABA and Vitamin D3 as a prescription drug.
The reason for taking GABA and Niacin in this combination is because
GABA supplements are incapable of crossing the brain barrier when
taken orally.  When linked with Niacin, GABA can cross the brain barrier
where they both can stimulate the brain according to their typical pathways. 
Let’s use independent judgement and keep this ingredient developed
in 1969 by Russian scientists available at moderate cost in our country.

Either fight the "Nanny State" or it will destroy your freedoms and life. Despicable action by McCaskill.