Sunday, November 02, 2014

Hydroxocobalamin B12 - 2000mcg/90 ct. NO added Flavors/Sweeteners

Now in stock- Relentless Improvement brand Hydroxocobalamin B12 - 2000mcg/90 ct.

NO added Flavors/Sweeteners. The raw material itself is flavorless. Mildly sweet flavor of these miniwafers comes from the maltodextrin used for tableting. It is not a candy, why do manufacturers persist in adding all different kinds of sweeteners and flavorings?

Kept under refrigeration from our pharma-grade raw material supplier, through manufacturing, and during storage at our shipping facility. Hydroxy B12 degrades over time if not kept at 2-8c (36-46f). It's ok however for time in transit to you. No other manufacturer/retailer of hydroxycobalamin B12 exercise the level of quality and temperature control with their product as Relentless Improvement does.