Monday, September 29, 2014

CurcuWin Curcumin vs Longvida

Had some customer contacts regarding our Relentless Improvement brand CurcuWin Curcumin product vs Longvida, here are the questions and my comments:

" I noticed that you now are marketing OmniActive's brand of curcumin, Curcuwin. My research seems to indicate that the 2 most bioavailable curcumin formulations on the market are Longvida and Curcuwin. Longvida studies have documented the following:

•Longvida is 65 times more bioavailable than unformulated curcumin.
•Longvida produces free (not deactivated or metabolized) curcumin at therapeutic levels in the body.
•Curcumin from Longvida will pass the blood-brain barrier, unlike regular curcumin.
My question is whether Longvida or Curcuwin is more bioavailable. Longvida is supposedly 65x more bioavailable vs. 46x for Curcuwin. Do you have any info on this question?"


"...I know your brand of Curcumin (CurcuWin) is supposed to have the best bioavailability out of almost all other Curcumin products on the market, but is it as good in other benefits such as Longvida, C3 Reduct, BCM-95, etc? I know you can't speak for those brands but if you market your brand as most bioavailable I am just wondering how it compares to the other competitor products in terms of the benefits it provides. Just because it is more bioavailable does not mean it does the same thing in the body. Also Longvida claims to be 65X more bioavailable than standard Curcumin but yours is only 46x. So how can you state "CurcuWin was conclusively proven the most bioavailable curcumin product on the market today?" "

My comments:

Good questions! No one can answer with certainty the "benefits" question you ask, and that is ultimately the question isn't it? Where is the proof the Longvida product passes the BB barrier in superior fashion? And if it is shown to, the alternative products (below) surely will as well (vs "regular curcumin").

In regards to "benefits" we have no choice but to fall back on the subjective "do I feel better when using it" testing.

Regardless of who claims what, the results of PK studies show CurcuWin to be the clear leader in quickly attained and sustained bioavailability under a "worst-case" scenario. Plasma levels are an objective measure- please compare Jaeger Study (C3 is the standard used, BCM-95 and Meriva are the other compared materials) Fig 4 Curcuwin ng/mn vs Longvida's own PK results (pdf) also charted here: .

The results are clear and unequivocal- CurcuWin handily beats the pants off any other product currently on the market. The details are critical to understand:
  • Longvida used "fat-fed" test subjects (cream cheese bagels) which greatly influenced the test results to their benefit (3x-4x).
  • Longvida study was not peer-reviewed.
  • Jaeger CurcuWin study was conducted on fasting subjects, a "worst-case" scenario for curcumin bioavailability.
  • Fat-fed vs fasting subject bioavailability and duration of plasma levels is approximately 3-4x difference! 
  • The Jaeger study dose was 376mg of CurcuWin vs the Longvida study used a 650mg dose (almost twice as much)
  • Even with all the factors in Longvida's favor, the Longvida takes more than twice as long to reach its (lower) peak (~22 vs 27) and falls off precipitously while CurcuWin maintains very high plasma levels.
  • Longvida material is very similar (nearly identical) to Meriva product in it's formulation (chemical composition). PK studies of the two (the Jaeger study) could therefore be reasonably inferred to be essentially identical in result. 
  • Clearly documented in the results- Those unable or unwilling to take a curcumin product (other than CurcuWin) without a high-fat meal should expect to suffer a severe degradation of bioavailability!
  • Added benefits: CurcuWin's unique formulation inhibits formations of conjugates, bad metabolites of curcumin, that offer no benefits in humans, and promotes good metabolites such as THC- TetrahydroCurcuminoids.
  • As compared to "regular curcumin", use of the CurcuWin product will not cause any unusual body odors or skin coloration :-)

Consumer Lab (subscription) has this interesting comment:
"A more recent formulation, CurcuWin (OmniActive Health Technologies), combines curcumin with a hydrophilic carrier, making it more dispersible in water. Of all the formulations, CurcuWin appears to have the most dramatic effect on bioavailability. A study funded by OmniActive found that Curcuwin increased curcuminoid levels in the blood plasma 4,490% above that achieved with standard curcumin (Jager, Nutr J 2014). The study also evaluated BCM-95 and Meriva, finding them, respectively, to increase total curcuminoid blood levels 30% and 690% above that with standard curcumin.  In the study, the supplements were taken with a low-fat meal, putting standard curcumin at a slight disadvantage as its absorption may be enhanced when taken with a fatty (oily) meal. None of the products in the current Review (above) contains this new formulation. Be aware that formulations which enhance bioavailability may need to be taken at correspondingly lower doses than standard curcumin due to potentially greater potency."

The Bottom Line:
Careful shoppers of curcumin products now have some additional food for thought in making their buying decision. The deeper one looks at the facts, the more attractive Relentless Improvement's CurcuWin Curcumin looks.

Closing Note:
My daily supplement regimen (healthy middle-aged man) includes Relentless Improvement brand CurcuWin Curcumin, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha-GPC and NaRALA R-lipoic Acid. I've never felt better, more full of energy and mentally sharp. The cost for you to follow this regimen too is surprisingly affordable :-)

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