Friday, August 15, 2014

Yes! Relentless Improvement Ships Internationally!

Yes! Relentless Improvement Ships Internationally!

In fact, every day. Common destinations include UK, Canada and Australia. No problems, ever, so you can order with confidence.

Please keep in mind delivery time is wholly dependent on customs clearance at the destination country. Some orders deliver in 2-3 days, others get caught in a customs backlog and can take up to three weeks. It can't be changed or sped up, it is just a necessary evil with international shipments. The good news is that orders always do show up and I've never had a report that there was a delivery refusal or any red tape.

NOOPEPT 10mg, 50 Ct Tablets Now In Stock

NOOPEPT 10mg, 50 Tablets Now In Stock

Very interesting version of Piracetam/Oxiracetam in peptide form. Formulated to be used as a tablet with pharmaceutical glaze to avoid unpleasant taste, yet can be chewed and used sublingually under the tongue for greatly enhanced effects, be warned though the taste is very strong!

For the approx 1/3 of people who are not responsive to racetams in general (as I am), this material offers very noticeable effects. A pharma-grade product bottled in USA based, FDA registrered, cGMP facility.

For those that wish to avoid Sucralose, you will be glad to know this product is formulated with Erythritol instead and contains only the necessary excipient material to enable tabletting.

Reformulated High-Potency Iodine Back in Stock

Reformulated High-Potency Iodine Back in Stock

Relentless Improvement High Potency Iodine pills as potassium iodide is back in stock and orders are shipping out. Reformulated as a slow-release formula and the 16.75mg Potassium Iodide (providing 12.5 mg elemental iodine) is absorbed into a silica excipient to avoid gastric upset. To eliminate unpleasant taste, tablets are coated with a pharmaceutical glaze. You are encouraged to compare benefits to products such as Iodoral which are much more expensive.

Now shipping in a smaller, more convenient bottle with induction seal.