Sunday, November 09, 2014

Relentless Improvement High-Potency Iodine/Iodine

Relentless Improvement High-Potency Iodine/Iodine.

For many people, this product is a convenient, dependable, cost-effective replacement for Optimox Iodoral and Complementary Prescriptions IoDoRX.

Some customer comments:

"Even though the ingredient is Potassium Iodine 16.75 (providing 12.5mg) I can say that for me it has the same effect as Iodoral ( mousturized skin and eyes, softens palms and soles, easier breathing, more energy, better mood). I have hypothyrodism. hypoadrenia, and take NTH, t3, cofactors, and now added High Potency Iodine 16,75 4 tabs/day. Tablets are small and very easy to swallow."

"I couldn't find any Iodoral and this is a very good substitute for it. Same potency as Iodoral. Works great!"

"This is a great product. Thank you!"

"we all should be getting more iodine in our diets as modern man (and modern GMO foods) are lacking in this element. This is a very economical way of getting your share of iodine."

"I am very impressed with this product and will be ordering again."

"The item arrived quickly, exactly as shown, and seems to be a good alternative to the Iodoral brand of iodine supplement. "

Try a bottle yourself and see how it works for you?

Alpha-GPC (Choline Alfoscerate) Now With Less Excipients

Alpha-GPC (Choline Alfoscerate) Now With Less Excipients.

The new manufacturing run of Alpha-GPC, now shipping, is the leanest, meanest, encapsulated A-GPC available. 600mg total capsule fill providing 300mg elemental Alpha-GPC with only the bare minimum other ingredients necessary to get the material through the encapsulating machinery- vegetable stearates and silicon dioxide. I wish we didn't have to add anything but this is a very sticky material and will quickly gum up the machines without some added flow agents.

High purity material + great price = value for you.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Hydroxocobalamin B12 - 2000mcg/90 ct. NO added Flavors/Sweeteners

Now in stock- Relentless Improvement brand Hydroxocobalamin B12 - 2000mcg/90 ct.

NO added Flavors/Sweeteners. The raw material itself is flavorless. Mildly sweet flavor of these miniwafers comes from the maltodextrin used for tableting. It is not a candy, why do manufacturers persist in adding all different kinds of sweeteners and flavorings?

Kept under refrigeration from our pharma-grade raw material supplier, through manufacturing, and during storage at our shipping facility. Hydroxy B12 degrades over time if not kept at 2-8c (36-46f). It's ok however for time in transit to you. No other manufacturer/retailer of hydroxycobalamin B12 exercise the level of quality and temperature control with their product as Relentless Improvement does.