Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cafe Perla Coffee - Now Available. 100% Arabica beans. Single-origin. Organic. Direct-trade. Sustainably harvested. Delicious!

Cafe Perla Coffee now available in the Relentless Improvement online store.

Pete! What are you doing selling coffee? Well, as crazy as it might seem at first thought, it's actually not. Coffee has a variety of health benefits, especially for support of cognition and cognitive associated issues. I drink coffee several times per day and can't imagine not having my daily cup.

I've come to know a local boutique coffee business, Apropos International, who's owner David Madsen travels to Peru to locate and work directly with coffee growers that employ organic and sustainable methods of growing their coffee.

Apropos International Cafe Perla Coffee is Farm to Cup coffee, based on the principles of direct-trade with small local farmers: transparency, sustainability and fairness. The coffee is high altitude grown, 5000-7500', 100% Arabica.

The storage and processing of the beans is done in Reno Nevada, where the low humidity, high-desert air precludes the growth of mycological organisms (fungi/molds/mildews, yuck!). Cafe Perla Coffee begins with clean, dry beans! By the way- Reno is 450 miles north of Las Vegas, please don't confuse the two :-)

The coffee for sale on our website is freshly ground and stored in climate controlled conditions, ensuring you a delicious cup of full-bodied coffee.

Try some today. Order your choice of 12oz light, medium or dark roast ground coffee at this link: Cafe Perla Coffee.