Thursday, October 31, 2013

Relentless Improvement EgCG Green Tea Extract Documented Free of Pesticide Residue

Relentless Improvement EgCG Green Tea Extract now documented free of pesticide residue. This is very good news for folks using EgCG for specific health concerns, requiring higher doses every day for life. If the base material (tea leaves) originates from an area that has been treated with toxic pesticides, those harmful chemicals can carry over to the EgCG finished product.

Now, with documentation proving Relentless Improvement EgCG Green Tea Extract is pesticide residue free, customers can buy and use this product with even greater confidence. No other green tea extract in the world documents their product as I do.

View the Relentless Improvement Certificates of Analysis page now to learn more about the steps we take to assure you of a true pharmaceutical grade EgCG product. Click the EgCG link at the bottom of the page to view full testing results of the finished product, tied by lot number to the product shipped to you.