Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The World Has Gone Nuts!

We are living through some historic times- government credit downgrades, bailouts, wild speculation and manipulation of financial markets. And world-wide wholesale competitive currency devaluations.

High unemployment, lower home prices, increased inflation in the things we need, deflation in things we want.

It's enough to freak-out the most stalwart among us.

Buried amongst the turmoil one thing remains rock-solid and true: how I do business and the value provided to you by my business, RelentlessImprovement LLC. Same world-class documented pharmaceutical quality. Same fast shipping world-wide. Same value for the dollar (Euro/CAD/AUS etc). Same high fill rate and quantity discounts.

So many people choose the race to the bottom. Our various governments certainly do eh? :-) But that is not a race I want to run or win!

My business has been impacted over the past year by the turmoil, but thankfully, not so much. I want to say "Thank You!" to the regular customers that support this business with their trust and repeat orders. And to welcome potential customers to a different supplement company. One that cares about quality and service. Give us a try! (shop online by clicking here)...I think you will be pleased.

Pete Hitesman
Owner- RelentlessImprovement LLC