Monday, March 22, 2010

New Biomedical Search -

Very interesting alternative to PubMed. Site publisher claims "BioMedSearch contains all PubMed/MedLine publications, additional journals, and a collection of theses and dissertations that are not in the PubMed database."

I tried a the search on few of the nutritional supplements I carry and found an assortment of articles and publications. Thought you might enjoy this new tool?

"About Us

The goal of is to provide free access to a massive collection of authoritative documents relating to the biomedical field. Our mission is to make these important works available to the community in a way that is fast and easy, while still offering the advanced features demanded by power users such as portfolios, collaboration features, bibliographical citation export, alerts, and more.

Our search engine contains all the data in PubMed/MedLine, including some data not normally shown in the PubMed listings, plus additional data from other sources including proprietary full-text documents, and a large database of theses and dissertations, making it the most comprehensive biomedical search engine available. All completely free!

Besides free-form search, users can search based on Author, Journal Title, Publication Date, the Language in which the article was published (many non-English articles have English language abstracts), MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) and more.

Whether you are doctor, scientist, or someone interested in researching a medical topic out of personal interest, BioMedSearch aggregates a vast number of authoritative documents in one place to make finding medical information easy, fast and free."


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SociaTropin for Anxiety/Stress Support. You Should Try It

Had a contact from the maker of a very interesting product. I thought the combination of ingredients was inspired and while I decided to not add to my inventory and stock it, I think some folks with anxiety and stress issues might want to look at buying some.

I make no money and receive no benefit from any sales of this product, just giving a "heads-up".

"Some people are looking for the best anxiety medication - the developers of SociaTropin believe it is the most effective anti-anxiety and stress relief product available without a prescription. Their patent pending formula utilizes clinically-proven ingredients that can be safely combined to create a synergistic product that delivers superior results at a lower cost compared to buying the individual ingredients and taking them separately."

If you are a Relentless Improvement customer of record and want to email me with your experience with this product, I welcome it.

Pete Hitesman- Owner
Relentless Improvement LLC