Monday, January 19, 2009

Phenibut, R-Lipoic Acid Customer Feedback

"Mr. Hitesman,

As you know, I have been ordering various products from you since I found you in the very early days of your business inception. I've always enjoyed the benefits of several of the highest quality products that you offer but never had or took the time to provide you the appropriate feedback. I simply could no longer delay providing the feedback that your products and services deserve.

I have used or recommended so many products to many of my friends and family that it would take a novel to describe each and every one, so I decided to choose a couple of my favorites to highlight. Here it goes:

1. Anything you offer with R-Lipoic Acid should be in every medicine cabinet in America. I have been taking several versions of R-Plus over the past 4 years and simply can't live without it. I have been diagnosed with condra malisia of the patella, scoliosis, and suffered from daily headaches mostly due to eye strain working in front of a computer all day. Since I began taking the R-Lipoic Acid products, I no longer experience ANY knee pain, rarely any back pain, and headaches only occur from extreme stress once or twice a month. In addition to living without constant pain, I also enjoy the anti-aging properties and anti-oxidants. I only get sick with the common cold once a year at best, and most folks guess my age is 30-31 - I will be 40 in 7 months. I exercise weekly by playing full-court basketball for 2 hours twice a week with men mostly my age. On those days, I double up on the daily dosage, then proceed to run circles around the guys my age and even the younger ones. It also keeps me focused and sharp during my working hours enabling me to enjoy award-winning production. I can't imagine life without an R-Plus product.

2. I also strategically use Phenibut as a mood elevator, cognitive enhancer, mild muscle relaxer, and sleep agent. I normally take 2 Phenibuts on weekend nights or evenings when I need to decompress from anxiety or common circumstances we all feel that lead to elevated stress. I'm able to enjoy an engaging evening of a great movie or sporting event, then experience deep REM sleep throughout the night while waking up feeling refreshed and enthusiastic about the new day. This is simply a terrific product.

I will continue to be a die-hard advocate of these and other products and wish your business continued success. The quality and consistency of your products makes me a lifelong customer. You couldn't have picked a more perfect name for how your products impact the lives of your customers.

Best Regards,


Thank you W.P.R. for taking the time and making the effort to send this feedback!