Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Delta -Tocotrienol Fights Cholesterol, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer???

Very interesting and provocative article:

"Vitamin E in the form of delta-tocotrienol can lower cholesterol by an astonishing 15-22%, and markedly improve LDL/HDL ratios"

"Tocotrienol from annatto has a far greater L-ORAC (Oxygen radical absorption capacity) value than alpha-tocopherol, and is more potent than resveratrol and green tea catechins. It is up to 60-fold more potent and 70-fold more bioavailable than alpha-tocopherol."

"Tocotrienols have repeatedly been shown to inhibit proliferation and induce cell death in cancer cells. They may be doing so in multiple ways: by inhibiting angiogenesis, through free-radical quenching, by interfering with tumor pathways"

"“Our study has shown for the first time that lovastatin and delta-tocotrienol, two suppressors of HMG-CoA reductase, synergistically suppress tumor growth in vivo,” they conclude. "

Look, we must be careful in what materials we ingest so as to obtain the best results. But if you want to begin using this unique form of Vitaman E I recommend Mito-GOLD from Geronova Research, a unique and powerful combination of lipoic acid and this rare, specific form of Vitamin E called delta-tocotrienol sourced naturally from the annatto bean.

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