Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Emails and Phone Calls...

Do you sell powders???
Why is the price different from the last time I ordered???
Will you send me free samples????
Can you give me free shipping???
I am broke (old/in school/sick/bankrupt) and need to buy some stuff, can you help me out??
Here are my health problems, what would you prescribe???
Will you take my $9.95 phone order? And oh yeah, I need to ask you questions for two hours...

Oh.. and- "where is my (international) package sent via First Class Mail?" (NO tracking and dirt cheap cost)

and... "why did you bill my credit card 2/3/6/gazillion times???""Don't f' with me! I will report you!!" (some customers keep trying to submit orders with incorrect cc info. Over, and over. I finally built a credit card tutorial page just to explain this)

I think I will stop answering the phone and reading emails :-)

Seriously, all in all I have a fantastic customer base. But man oh man the same old crap (from a precious few) sure gets tiresome (and provokes an occasional rant like this).

Had to post this. Enjoy.