Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Product: Neurvana (betaphenylethylamine)

I can now, without reservation, offer you Neurvana! (beta-phenylethylamine)

The problem with all PEA (phenylethylamine) supplements currently on the market is bioavailability and delivering it in an active form without being immediately metabolized by endogenously produced MAO-B.

NEURVANA® " is formulated with a patent-pending “Self-emulsifying Nanosphere Delivery System.” It uses natural phospholipids and medium-chain triglycerides to form a nanoemulsion (covering) in the intestinal tract, enhancing bioavailability (delivery) of PEA."


"is manufactured in protective coated tablets that safe-guard phenylethylamine from degradation in the harsh acidic environment of the stomach and carry PEA to the intestinal tract. PEA is rapidly released for phenylethylamine intestinal absorption, enhanced delivery to the bloodstream and transport to the brain."

So, now the promise of supplementing with PEA can finally be realized!

In stock, available for shipping worldwide, now.

There is some superb detailed information on NEURVANA and beta-phenylethylamine from Dr. Richard C. Kaufman available at this link.

"NEURVANA® amplifies key neurotransmitters in your brain for extending longevity, slower aging, peak body-and-brain performance and a renewed youthful functioning body. It has unique, rapid uplifting effects on mood, mental activity, attention, motivation, alertness, energy, stamina, physical activity, sexuality, sensory awareness and more.

NEURVANA contains beta-phenylethylamine (PEA), a naturally occurring neurohormone/neurotransmitter in our brain. PEA increases the activity of the major neurotransmitters (chemical signal messengers between nerves) to improve your life functions.

PEA increases the actions of dopamine (for feeling pleasure and well-being), norepinephrine (the brain’s stimulant for wakefulness and higher-performance), acetylcholine (for improving memory and mental activity), and serotonin (for better moods, healthy emotions and impulse control).

PEA signals the brain structures that produce human emotions to enhance your sense of well being, pleasurable feelings, motivation, physical drive, social behavior, sexuality, creativity, and sensory perceptions."