Friday, December 25, 2009

R-PLUS Lipoic Acid w/BioCurcumin 400mg- Now in Stock

R-PLUS Lipoic Acid w/BioCurcumin 400mg- Now in Stock

Newly reformulated with 400mg curcumin, this new product is a detoxing dream. Quantity discounts with purchase of 3 or more.

From Geronova:

"Why Take Curcumin with
Bio-Enhanced® R-Lipoic Acid?

* Both RLA and Curcumin have been shown to protect and strengthen the colon, bowel, liver, heart and joint functions.
* RLA and Curcumin have been shown to promote cardiovascular health.
* RLA and Curcumin has shown to protect against damaging free radicals by inhibiting their formation and scavenging them once formed.
* Each dose of R-PLUS-Curcumin® with 400 mg of Curcumin is equivalent to 2,772 mg of a typical 95% curcumin extract."

"Support your body’s natural detoxification processes

R-PLUS-Curcumin R Lipoic AcidToxins are unfortunately common in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and even the water we drink. Toxins are also products of our metabolism. The human body is equipped with a complex detoxification system that neutralizes and disposes of these toxins so that they don’t negatively affect our health.

Phase-one detoxification is the body’s first defense against foreign compounds. Through an enzymatic reaction, phase-one detoxification typically involves either an oxidation reaction (where an electron is lost) or a reduction reaction (where an electron is gained), which prepares the toxin for phase-two detoxification. During phase-two detoxification, the toxin is made water-soluble through the addition of chemical groups, which allows it to be excreted through the kidneys.

Some natural substances, such as R-Lipoic Acid and Curcumin, have the ability to increase our body’s ability to excrete toxins by inducing phase-two detoxification.* R-PLUS® Curcumin vegcaps from GeroNova combine R-Lipoic Acid with high-bioavailability Bio-Curcumin to support your body’s natural detoxification processes.* Derived from the Indian herb turmeric, Curcumin is a potent antioxidant first used in India over 3000 years ago in traditional Ayurvedic medicine."

Form matters

Buyer beware: Without special processing, Lipoic Acid and Curcumin are difficult for the body to absorb and utilize. R-PLUS® Curcumin vegcaps feature only:

Bio-Enhanced® R-Lipoic Acid

* The natural form of Lipoic Acid — the exact type the body makes and requires
* Formulated using a unique stabilization process that ensures maximum stability
* Has 40x the absorption rate of unstabilized R Lipoic Acid

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Delta -Tocotrienol Fights Cholesterol, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer???

Very interesting and provocative article:

"Vitamin E in the form of delta-tocotrienol can lower cholesterol by an astonishing 15-22%, and markedly improve LDL/HDL ratios"

"Tocotrienol from annatto has a far greater L-ORAC (Oxygen radical absorption capacity) value than alpha-tocopherol, and is more potent than resveratrol and green tea catechins. It is up to 60-fold more potent and 70-fold more bioavailable than alpha-tocopherol."

"Tocotrienols have repeatedly been shown to inhibit proliferation and induce cell death in cancer cells. They may be doing so in multiple ways: by inhibiting angiogenesis, through free-radical quenching, by interfering with tumor pathways"

"“Our study has shown for the first time that lovastatin and delta-tocotrienol, two suppressors of HMG-CoA reductase, synergistically suppress tumor growth in vivo,” they conclude. "

Look, we must be careful in what materials we ingest so as to obtain the best results. But if you want to begin using this unique form of Vitaman E I recommend Mito-GOLD from Geronova Research, a unique and powerful combination of lipoic acid and this rare, specific form of Vitamin E called delta-tocotrienol sourced naturally from the annatto bean.

Why not order some right now?

Hearing Loss, Lipoic Acid and CoQ10

Very interesting research in this article: "One of the most surprising findings was that these two — alpha lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10 — were very specific in their protection against apoptosis and hearing loss,"

"Becoming "hard of hearing" is a standard but unfortunate part of aging: A syndrome called age-related hearing loss affects about 40 percent of people over 65 in the United States, and will afflict an estimated 28 million Americans by 2030.

"Age-related hearing loss is a very common symptom of aging in humans, and also is universal among mammal species, and it's one of the earliest detectable sensory changes in aging," says Tomas Prolla, a professor of genetics and medical genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "

Geronova Research offers a unique R-lipoic Acid (much more effective than alpha-lipoic) and CoQ10 combination in one convenient, easy to swallow capsule.

Along with all the other benefits lipoic and coQ10 provide, you should be thinking of daily lipoic therapy as a nutritional supplement insurance policy.


Monday, November 09, 2009

Lipoic Acid and Homocysteine

David Carlson of Geronova with some interesting information (see the Geronova blog for more of David's comments):

Lipoic Acid and Homocysteine

Question: A recent rat study in Free Radical Biology & Medicine indicated lipoic acid increased plasma homocysteine and S-adenosyl homocysteine levels and suggested this could be a previously unreported adverse effect of lipoic acid consumption. Could you please comment as this could be relevant to regular users of lipoic acid products?

(DAC) I saw the full text of the Stabler et al study the day it was posted online and we have been working on clearing up this issue for the last two months. Like you I was particularly concerned after reading the study due to the strong warning language used and the fact they used our PK paper to justify their conclusions.

I will write to Stabler et al and FRB&M since I believe the peer reviewers and journal should have made them tone down the language or prove this preliminary rat study has any relevance to humans prior to publication. I don’t think fear based language belongs in a scientific journal without significant data to support the contentions. Stabler et al failed on this point but probably gained interest in getting funding for the next study.
When I first saw the Stabler et al study, I wrote Dr Anthony Smith for his opinion. He also felt the language was unwarranted since Stabler et al could show no statistical correlation between lipoic acid concentration and HCy and SAH (despite the doubling of HCy concentrations) and since they only looked at a single time point. Even if the same pattern occurs in humans, the effect of a transient spike in HCy and SAH is unknown. Many factors may transiently alter HCy output and metabolism that may not correlate to normal/average baseline levels or pose any additional risk to the consumer.
The newest member of our team, Dr Anthony Sanchez has been working on an HPLC method to measure blood levels of R-lipoic acid (RLA) as well as Homocysteine (HCy) and other amino thiols such as cysteine, glutathione and cysteinylglycine simultaneously. This way we can see if the HCy levels are altered overall in humans (higher or lower) or if it only occurs when RLA is transiently present in blood, which we suspect. Remember RLA/NaRLA reaches high blood levels fast and clears quickly (most within 0.5 hr and almost all in <1 hr). We plan to run another NaRLA PK study with simultaneous measurements of Hcy at each time point and even after RLA has cleared from the blood.
I do believe patients receiving blood panels should advise their doctors as to whether or not they recently ate lipoic acid since it can give artificially high Hcy levels. When we first started testing lipoic acid in the blood 5 years ago I did see a transient spike in my HCy from the average of ~7 uM up to to ~15 uM (a doubling effect similar to Stabler's model) but I didn’t know if it was an artifact or a real effect since red blood cells (RBCs) can export significant amounts of Hcy if the sample is not processed quickly and properly. The elevation in HCy occurred only at Cmax for RLA (1 gram of K-RALA was consumed). When I later tested my Hcy it was back to the normal level of ~7uM where it has stayed for years despite the fact I consume 1-2 grams of our R-lipoic acid products/day with loads of methyl donors. When I get my Hcy measured now I make sure the RLA content of my blood is low by waiting at least 24 hrs after the last consumption.
I do not think any LA/RLA products in the normally used dosages (50-600 mg/day) will cause any long term health problems due to "methylation stress" particularly if consumed with methyl donors (betaine, phosphatydyl choline, carnitine, acetyl carnitine, methylcobalamin etc as well as B6 and B12) which most lipoic acid users take concurrently or as a regular part of their supplement programs.
Lipoic acid consumers with genetic variations (SNPs) in the 5-MTHFR gene might be at greater risk than the normal population but I believe even this can be easily compensated for by increased consumption of methyl factors. I have 2 SNPs in the 5-MTHFR gene which can reduce methylation by 50% of normal and yet my HCy levels are "normal".
Another issue not considered by Stabler is that although 1 lipoic acid molecule acquires in theory up to two methyl groups during metabolism, these methylated metabolites might themselves provide methyl groups to further downstream targets (even HCy) and thus negate any net methyl group depletion. This is supported by the Schupke study that showed only 12.4% of the methylated metabolites appeared in the 24 hr urine.
Thanks for you question and interest in our products. Keep checking my lipoic acid research blog since I will have a lot more to say on this topic in the weeks and months ahead.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cataracts and Carnosine Eye Drops

Very interesting new research "Protective Effects of l- and d-Carnosine on α-Crystallin Amyloid Fibril Formation: Implications for Cataract Disease" published in the July 28 issue of the journal Biochemistry regarding the use of carnosine to prevent or reverse cataract formation. This research holds forth the promise of greater acceptance of the use of carnosine eye drops in order to maintain eye health.

Some excepts:

"In conclusion, in this study, we observed that considering α-crystallin alone or the more complex model of lens organ culture, the presence of carnosine prevents fibril formation, maintains chaperone activity, and disassembles already formed fibrils, restoring almost completely lens transparency. Moreover, because of its resistance to carnosinases, d-carnosine can be a valuable therapeutic tool."

"Carnosine is also present in the eye lenses at a high level, therefore, our result supports the hypothesis that a possible decrease during aging, as it is known in the muscle, could contribute to age-related cataractogenesis,"

Carnosine eye drops are available without a prescription, however it is critical to only use documented products, tested for purity by independent laboratories.

Please note- the research above involved the bathing of the eye lenses in a liquid solution containing carnosine. Oral ingestion of carnosine capsules has never shown a beneficial result against cataracts.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Did You Know? R-PLUS Curcumin Features BCM-95

What is BCM-95 and who cares? you might ask...

""Six-month, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Pilot Clinical Trial of Curcumin in Patients with Alzheimer Disease," Baum L, Wai Kei Lam C, et al, Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2008; 28: 110-13. (Address: Larry Baum, Dept of Medicine and Therapeutics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong. E-mail: ).

Summary: In a 6-month, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot clinical trial involving 22 patients with Alzheimer's disease, supplementation with a particular curcumin supplement (BCM-95 capsules) was found to have significantly greater bioavailability, as compared to conventional curcumin powder, suggesting it may provide better clinical benefits. Subjects (aged 50 years of age or older) with progressive decline in memory or cognitive function, diagnosed with probable or possible Alzheimer's disease were given: 1.0 g/d curcumin, 4.0 g/d curcumin, or placebo, taken after a meal (capsules) or mixed with food (powder), for a period of 6 months. Supplementation with curcumin was found to increase levels of serum Abeta, possibly reflecting the ability of curcumin to disaggregate Abeta deposits in the brain. Significant increases in vitamin E were found as well, with greater increases found among subjects who took the BCM-95 capsulses. In addition, BMC-95 was absorbed 7.8 times more than conventional curcumin; this bioavailability may confer greater clinical benefits. The authors recommend that BCM-95 be used in future clinical trials. A larger trial of a longer duration is warranted."

Geronova Research R-PLUS Curcumin uses the highly bioavailable BCM-95 material. Oh and don't forget, it is on sale now.

Quality matters!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Buzz on Bing

Go check out - Microsoft's alternative to Google search.

Yes Microsoft is the company we love and hate. And yes a lot of their products may not live up to expectation. BUT. Bing is an internet search engine that is fast, looks good and returns relevant results.

I am impressed and have been using it the past week with satisfaction. See what you think?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Emails and Phone Calls...

Do you sell powders???
Why is the price different from the last time I ordered???
Will you send me free samples????
Can you give me free shipping???
I am broke (old/in school/sick/bankrupt) and need to buy some stuff, can you help me out??
Here are my health problems, what would you prescribe???
Will you take my $9.95 phone order? And oh yeah, I need to ask you questions for two hours...

Oh.. and- "where is my (international) package sent via First Class Mail?" (NO tracking and dirt cheap cost)

and... "why did you bill my credit card 2/3/6/gazillion times???""Don't f' with me! I will report you!!" (some customers keep trying to submit orders with incorrect cc info. Over, and over. I finally built a credit card tutorial page just to explain this)

I think I will stop answering the phone and reading emails :-)

Seriously, all in all I have a fantastic customer base. But man oh man the same old crap (from a precious few) sure gets tiresome (and provokes an occasional rant like this).

Had to post this. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Curcumin and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Interesting study (and particularly timely with our Geronova Research R-PLUS with Curcumin on sale):

"Chronic fatigue syndrome affects millions of people in the United States, making it virtually impossible for many of them to hold a full-time or even part-time job, go to school, enjoy their families, or participate in routine or leisure activities. Estimates of the actual number of people who have the disease vary widely, from 500,000 to more than 4 million.

Study of curcumin and chronic fatigue
Oxidative stress is a significant factor in chronic fatigue syndrome, and so ways to reduce it theoretically should also improve symptoms of this complex condition. A study published in the January 2009 issue of Immunobiology reports on mice who were challenged with a stress test for 10 minutes daily for 19 days. Half of the mice were given curcumin and the other half acted as controls.

The control mice showed signs of significant fatigue and had hyperalgesia (increased sensitivity to pain), another common symptom of the syndrome. The mice who were given curcumin showed a significant reduction in fatigue, oxidative stress, and hyperalgesia. The investigators suggest that curcumin may be a valuble option in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Curcumin in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome
Along with an increase in oxidative stress, research shows that chronic fatigue syndrome is accompanied by activation of the inflammatory response system, and that a natural agent called nuclear factor kappa beta (NFkappabeta) is the main intracellular mechanism that regulates inflammatory and oxidative stress mediators.

In a Belgian study, researchers studied the possible impact of inhibiting the production of NFkappabeta in patients who had chronic fatigue syndrome. They found that there were significant correlations between the production of NFkappabeta and symptoms typically associated with the syndrome, including muscular tension, fatigue, irritability, depression, a subjective feeling of infection, and aches and pain.

They also discovered that the increase in oxidative stress and inflammation reported in previous studies of chronic fatigue syndrome may be caused by increased production of NFkappabeta. Given these results, the study’s authors suggest that people with chronic fatigue syndrome should be treated with antioxidants that are known to inhibit the production of NFkappabeta, including curcumin, quercetin, lipoic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Curcumin for chronic fatigue syndrome
Curcumin is one of several curcuminoids, the natural pigments that give the spice turmeric its yellow color. It has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and as such it is also used to treat arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system."

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Relentless Improvement Resveratrol Sale

The existing supply of RI brand 300mg, 98% documented purity Resveratrol is nearly sold out. Order NOW to stock up on top-quality resveratrol extract at short-expiry (July 2009) fire sale blow out pricing.

Public interest in resveratrol has especially skyrocketed ever since the 60 Minutes special on David Sinclair and Sirtris pharmaceuticals. Who doesn't want a purported fountain of youth in pill form?

We have to be skeptical until more research is completed, but the early indications are very intriguing. And perhaps, depending upon your viewpoint, worth beginning a daily regimen of high purity, high-quality resveratrol.

Get it while the 'gettin is good!

Pete Hitesman
Relentless Improvement LLC

Green Tea Extract (EgCG) Shows Promise In Leukemia (CLL)Trials

Wow. This is some good news regarding EgCG Green Tea Extract:

"ScienceDaily (May 27, 2009) — Mayo Clinic researchers are reporting positive results in early leukemia clinical trials using the chemical epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an active ingredient in green tea."

"In the first clinical trial, 33 patients received variations of eight different oral doses of Polyphenon E, a proprietary compound whose primary active ingredient is EGCG. Doses ranged from 400 milligrams (mg) to 2,000 mg administered twice a day. Researchers determined that they had not reached a maximum tolerated dose, even at 2,000 mg twice per day."

I just updated our EgCG high-potency, high-purity green tea extract to offer 393mg EgCG per dose. Capsules are smaller and easier to swallow. Our documented purity product assures no worries from mold/microbial/heavy metal contamination that could be risky with cheap low-quality, low-potency brands.


Monday, April 13, 2009

RevGenetics Resveratrol Now In Stock

Woo-Hoo, RevGenetics has been doing some very cool things with resveratrol formulations over the past few years. Relentless Improvement now stocks their x1000, 1000mg resveratrol 99% product and new 250mg micronized resveratrol LiCaps.

I have always admired what the owner, Anthony Loera, has done to build RevGenetics as a business and the integrity which he brings to the supplement business. Like Relentless Improvement brand products, his products also carry independent Certificates of Analysis to fully document their purity and claimed content.

Now you have several new choices when shopping for a true pharmaceutical grade resveratrol extract.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New: Neurvana MoodBrightener and Neurvana Tranquil

Neurvana is a new company with some very innovative formulations. Some of the very best I have ever seen.

New, and in stock.

NEURVANA™ MoodBrightener is a synergistic combination of neurotransmitter precursors and activators that synthesize biogenic catecholamines during the day. They can quickly boost depressive moods, ease-away tension, block stressful feelings, increase attention, stabilize moods, and make you feel good.

NEURVANA MoodBrightener:

NEURVANA™ Tranquil is a combination of neural inhibitors and indoleamine transmitter activators of the Nighttime Sleep & Repair Cycle for relaxation, calmness, stress-relief and restful sleep for occasional sleeplesness.

NEURVANA Tranquil:

As always, there is a lot more info on the respective product pages. An exclusive bonus for you for being a loyal blog reader- links to Dr. Richard Kaufman's fantastic technical treatise on his theory of "Chronobiology". Linked here Part 1 and Part .

This is amazing reading and I urge you to click the links above.

Full line of Neurvana products at the following link

As always, thank you for your trust and support!
Pete Hitesman-Owner

Thursday, April 02, 2009

New: Mito-Charger with Benagene from Advanced Orthomolecular Research

This MitoCharger Information link offers a sneak-peek at the forthcoming full write-up.

Mito Charger was formulated to attack a central theory of aging at its source.

Enhances mitochondrial activity on six different levels.

Supports the health of mitochondria.

"The ingredient BenaGene ® contains a key intermediate in the Kreb's Cycle. Studies demonstrate that benaGene mimics a caloric restriction diet, which has been shown to increase the expression of beneficial genes associated with increased life span, health span, weight management and blood glucose reduction."

Other ingredients include Benfotiamine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, CoQ10 and D-Uridine.

In stock and shipping now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

California Customers: **No Sales Tax**

Whew, busy times but good for one of our largest customer areas: California.

Why? I just moved our shipping to Nevada! So my CA friends now will "save" 8.5%-10.5% in sales tax. A beautiful thing as we had to charge CA tax until a few days ago.

Thanks as always for your trust and support!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Changes!

A surprise come Monday. In the meantime, expect to not have any orders shipped after 12 noon on Thursday. All good ;-)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New- NEURVANA Body Slim

New and in stock today: NEURVANA Body Slim.

I have resisted offering a "Weight Loss Supplement" since the beginning of Relentless Improvement. But not only do I not have any reservation to introducing NEURVANA Body Slim, I am endorsing it as a superbly crafted formulation with meaningful doses of effective ingredients.

No need to rehash the information on the product web page here, just follow the link, soak up the information, and try a bottle today.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Neurvana (Phenylethylamine) Personal Feedback


I have been using Neurvana (phenylethylamine) now for several days and I can report...

1. Huge energy boost.
2. Appetite/hunger suppression
3. Very much increased mental alertness and sharpness.

Bottom line, good stuff!

Try Neurvana and see what you think? There will be a price adjustment on Feb 1 to $34.99 per bottle so stock up if you like it.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Product: Neurvana (betaphenylethylamine)

I can now, without reservation, offer you Neurvana! (beta-phenylethylamine)

The problem with all PEA (phenylethylamine) supplements currently on the market is bioavailability and delivering it in an active form without being immediately metabolized by endogenously produced MAO-B.

NEURVANA® " is formulated with a patent-pending “Self-emulsifying Nanosphere Delivery System.” It uses natural phospholipids and medium-chain triglycerides to form a nanoemulsion (covering) in the intestinal tract, enhancing bioavailability (delivery) of PEA."


"is manufactured in protective coated tablets that safe-guard phenylethylamine from degradation in the harsh acidic environment of the stomach and carry PEA to the intestinal tract. PEA is rapidly released for phenylethylamine intestinal absorption, enhanced delivery to the bloodstream and transport to the brain."

So, now the promise of supplementing with PEA can finally be realized!

In stock, available for shipping worldwide, now.

There is some superb detailed information on NEURVANA and beta-phenylethylamine from Dr. Richard C. Kaufman available at this link.

"NEURVANA® amplifies key neurotransmitters in your brain for extending longevity, slower aging, peak body-and-brain performance and a renewed youthful functioning body. It has unique, rapid uplifting effects on mood, mental activity, attention, motivation, alertness, energy, stamina, physical activity, sexuality, sensory awareness and more.

NEURVANA contains beta-phenylethylamine (PEA), a naturally occurring neurohormone/neurotransmitter in our brain. PEA increases the activity of the major neurotransmitters (chemical signal messengers between nerves) to improve your life functions.

PEA increases the actions of dopamine (for feeling pleasure and well-being), norepinephrine (the brain’s stimulant for wakefulness and higher-performance), acetylcholine (for improving memory and mental activity), and serotonin (for better moods, healthy emotions and impulse control).

PEA signals the brain structures that produce human emotions to enhance your sense of well being, pleasurable feelings, motivation, physical drive, social behavior, sexuality, creativity, and sensory perceptions."

Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 - What's in Store?

Happy New Year and welcome to more good changes from Relentless Improvement.

2008 saw new products added, some old favorites discontinued or no longer available, and our highest order fill rate ever. Over 99% of orders shipped in full, and on time (in 24 hours or less). Not many businesses can do that.

We remain AOR and Geronova's key distributor and have the freshest, deepest inventory of any distributor in the world.

2009 is beginning with some of our documented, specialty products in the process of becoming sold out "forever". The raw materials are simply no longer allowed to be imported into the USA for the purpose of manufacturing nutritional supplements.

There is nothing that can be done about this for now.

It is frustrating, and I hate it as much as you do. And (eventually) all USA distributors will be in the same situation we are. Who knows what changes might be seen under the new political administration, but I don't have any great hopes for positive news. Big pharma and the nanny state seem to be large and in charge.

There will be at least one big surprise, sooner than later. More details after I lock down the loose ends. Some customers will be very happy :-)

Thanks to our loyal customer base, RI ended the year with our fourth consecutive sales increase since opening our virtual doors in Jan 2005. Thank you!

With your ongoing trust and repeat business I will continue to bring you a satisfying purchase experience and unique selection of products. With quality second to none!

Pete Hitesman - Owner
Relentless Improvement LLC