Monday, March 31, 2008

Outlook For 2008. International Orders, Inflation.

2008 is proving to be a very interesting year. Here is my opinion of what you can expect going forward:

1. International customers, thank you for your trust and your business. If the currency where you live is anything BUT the US Dollar, you are looking good and currently buying at the lowest prices EVER after currency translation is considered.

I expect the US $ to continue to lose value as our government continues to debase our currency.

Relentless Improvement supplements remain a compelling value as they are documented pure and potent by independent testing at FDA registered laboratories.

If you are buying from outside the country, this documented quality assurance is priceless for your safety and peace of mind. Label claims are useless without proof!

2. As we sell out of existing inventory, and do new bottling runs, the flip side of a weak US dollar will manifest in the form of much higher raw material prices. As you know, the US is now manufacturing very little and most raw material have for years come from various countries outside the US.

So- a weak dollar means that going forward we will be importing inflation. This will, as the year progresses, force us to raise prices. Ergo, we are in a short-term transitionary "sweet-spot" for pricing which will not last.

Bottom line, your will be well served to load up the wagon now. Depending on the degree to which we will have to adjust our selling prices, you probably will come out ahead even if you to borrow money to buy now.

The US experienced a once in a generation confluence of events over the past decade that allowed us high growth and low inflation, but that is now over with as China, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, Korea and many other countries currencies rapidly appreciate (and economies grow and place demand upon existing supplies and resources).

Relentless Improvement will do all we can to keep adding value to our unique products and give you a compelling reason to buy from us.

Thanks as always for your trust and support.
Pete Hitesman
Relentless Improvement - Owner