Thursday, January 17, 2008

New International Shipping Option- Lower Cost

Live outside the USA, don't care about tracking, and want the lowest possible shipping cost? Ok, you got it! Earlier today I enabled a third international shipping option: "First-Class Mail International".

This joins our tried and true "Priority" and "Express" options.

There are weight restrictions with the new service level; item weight max of a bit over 3 lbs (NOT kg). Don't worry, our shopping cart automatically knows your order weight and will only offer available options.

Like anything in life there are trade-offs, NO tracking, and delivery time/customs clearance is currently an unknown (but have heard it is not bad).

The price is right though, place an order in our system and see for yourself.

Full details can be found in our Simple Shipping Policy.

If you are the anxious type, the previous option for "Express" is the way to go, with full point to point tracking.