Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Feedback!

It is just so good, I love to post it. We have an incredible group of loyal core customers, earning and keeping their business is what Relentless Improvement is all about.

"Hi Pete,

Thank you for your reply. I want to say first that I'm incredibly grateful for your work with Relentless Improvement. Its always a pleasure to do business with you; the combination of great care, knowledge and attentiveness to your customers needs are unmatched. I look forward to being a customer for as long as your doors are open.


And thanks again for all your help. When I suggested [a supplement] to my mother after doing some months of research on its known mechanisms, neither one of us were looking for any major improvement, but an hour after she took it, she was walking around her kitchen and making lunch for the first time in *years*. I'll never forget that day. ... she's had a couple of years of incredibly high quality living, and you had a big role in that. Thank you."

Wow- what greater joy is there than running a business that helps people so much? Very rewarding indeed.

Pete Hitesman - Owner
Relentless Improvement

Friday, December 12, 2008

(yet more) Customer Feedback (One Bad!)

Two for one today!:

Upon me sending a link to our shipping policy for an International order delivery question, one customer was not happy and commented:

"Hello Pete,

Thank you for your very personal response. Not what you would expect after reading all your testimonials.

I've been a good customer over the years, but if this is the extend of your assistance then I and my other friends, who I've referred to your site, shall not order from you again in the future.


And I say- help me to help you? Please read the basic information (our Simple Shipping Policy) that I took the time to create so that your expectations match up to what I can provide. I want you to be happy with your experience as an International customer. If you choose the one shipping option that does not provide tracking, then neither of us can have any idea where your order may be delayed.

It would be great to have the luxury of enough time in the day (week after week, month after month) to type out a detailed, personal email recapping the (same) in's and out's of International shipping but I don't have that time (unless you want me to raise prices to pay for hiring another employee?), and I instead will usually offer you a response with a link to the information that you seek. It is not a personal affront, it is just time management :-)

(Hey, lots of companies don't even bother with any reply to your emails, you do at least get some kind of personal reply from me!)

And another comment:

"Pete, I just read over a recent blog entry of yours (I didn't
realize you had a blog until my last "racetam" purchase where I saw
the blog link, maybe I missed it before) with feedback and figured
I'd send you some as well.

I have made several purchases of nootropics from you, and not only
do you ship promptly and rapidly, but the quality of your products
is excellent. Also, your selection is great. I can't find any of
the nootropics I purchased from you from any other retailer at the
prices you offer.

Keep up the great work, and now that I have read some of your blog
entries, I'm even more excited about purchasing from you in the
future as it seems quite evident that you are a socially conscious
business that is not just trying to make a fast buck.

-S. in MD"

Another week in paradise! Thanks to all my customers for your ongoing trust and support.

Relentless Improvement is on track to have another (record) sales year in 2008. The growth, given the economic problems worldwide, has surprised me and is a testament to peoples desire for high quality, unique, documented-quality supplements and fast shipping.

With your continued and ongoing support I promise you I will work my tail off in 2009 to provide you great overall value.

Pete Hitesman
- Owner
Relentless Improvement LLC

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Customer Feedback

"I have to let you guys know how impressed I am with how you run your company. I came across your site while looking for a hard-to-find supplement, and have been amazed at how quickly and efficiently orders are processed and shipped. I get the name, and have borrowed the concept. Relentless improvement makes much more sense than "continual" improvement. Keep up the good work. J. from Charleston, SC"

It is feedback like this that makes it all worthwhile!
Pete Hitesman - Owner, Relentless Improvement