Friday, May 23, 2008

Warning. Shopper Beware. Na-RALA R-lipoic Acid Label Games.

Recently I have become aware of some consumer unfriendly label games being played. When you shop for a R-lipoic acid product, and it is formulated with the new Na-RALA...


Na-RALA is approx 70% active, so 100 mg of Na-RALA equals 70 mg r-lipoic acid. Example. Putting 100 mg on the front label is deceptive. While it may be 100 mg Na-RALA, it is 70 mg of r-lipoic acid, not 100 mg.


300 mg or Na-RALA equals 210 mg of r-lipoic. (example) Putting 300 mg on the front label is in my opinion, deceptive.

Another example. The product provides 210 mg of r-lipoic acid. Not 300 mg.

The labels on these products mislead the consumer. Do the math, cost per mg of active material, to determine your true, accurate cost, and you find what appeared to be an attractive price is actually not such a good deal.

Milligrams of active r-lipoic is what you care about, not the mg of sodium bicarbonate it takes to stabilize the material!

Geronova brand K-RALA 100mg, and K-RALA 300mg list the r-lipoic acid content per capsule accurately, honestly, truthfully. 100 mg and 300 mg. Not the total Na-RALA mg.

Is what the other vendors are doing legal? Probably, they disclose the mg of ingredient (not active) material. Is it intentionally misleading, so that they can appear to sell more for less $$? You bet it is.

Be a careful shopper. Read your labels carefully. When something appears too good of a deal in price, don't be a blind sheep. Quality is not free, when a price is seemingly too good, ask yourself, "what is wrong here?"

Pete Hitesman
Relentless Improvement