Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look Behind the Curtain

Business is always interesting, especially when it involves the internet, but I am sometimes amazed at the level to which some people will stoop.

I had lunch with an associate Monday at a fantastic restaurant in downtown San Francisco, with a view of the Bay Bridge. The food was excellent, service was superb, and it was a tremendous value. But if you believed the comments of some (anonymous) posters on an internet forum, you would think it was the worst restaurant on earth!

How to explain the disconnect? Easy. Competitors of this restaurant posted lies to an internet message board in an attempt to discredit the new kid on the block. They felt threatened by the new competitor and rather than step up their game by increasing the value they offer their customers, they instead chose to lie and deceive.

In the long run, the truth always comes out. Frauds are exposed and the business that provides the best value to their customers will succeed. Badmouthing your competition, and especially libel and defamation, are guaranteed to come back and bite you in the ass (think Pit Bull).

As a careful shopper, consumer and web user, you must ALWAYS consider the author of any internet posts. Who is really behind those words? What hidden motives do they have?

Relentless Improvement, and me personally, have sometimes come under attack by anonymous posters in internet forums. In particular, one poster impersonates a medical doctor (demands for proof are met with obfuscation and stonewalling) and is co-owner of a competing supplement business. In reality, him/they/whatever were discovered and exposed several years ago after posting on a very reputable forum while trying to hide their true identity and financial interests of their posts (they own a supplement business). See this Edward Younan/Unique Nutrition thread.

As you Look Behind the Curtain, you find a pattern of deceit, lies and outright fraud.

Now, let's look at facts:

RI owns 271 domains at last count. Descriptive names such as:

Also keywords such as:

Does Relentless Improvement market aggressively on the internet? You bet.

Our domains are always acquired on the open market. Any person that considered them to be of value could have purchased them before we did. The US Patent and Trademark public database is carefully examined before a domain is acquired. If there is no record, or a filing was previously attempted and abandoned, then that word or combination of words is available for use.

An abandoned trademark filing is established precedent that the original filer did not consider it of sufficient value to complete. A declination due to the generic nature of the name, again, is precedent that the words are free for use by all.

Any domain close to questionable is carefully reviewed by our legal counsel, who specializes in Intellectual Property rights issues, and Internet Law. Upon the "all clear" we then use that domain as we see fit.

Our live domains are clearly identified in a WHOIS look-up as belonging to Relentless Improvement/Pete Hitesman. We don't hide our interest in the domain as some people do (why do they hide?). Our domains are always clearly associated with Relentless Improvement, with our header on the pages. This is clear, honest disclosure.

We have never been served with any legal papers/suits in regards to our website verbiage or domains that we own. Anybody claiming otherwise is a liar.

The bottom line is clear: we operate aggressively, legally, and with full public disclosure of product quality, sponsorships, and internet presence. If you, as a customer, or potential customer, have any concerns, or desire additional facts regarding this post I welcome, and urge you, to contact me directly via phone or email.

Oh, the moral of the restaurant story? I went home and submitted my own online review, presenting the opinion of a real diner and patron. Not the fabrications of someone with hidden conflicts of interest. I set the truth free, and it was exhilarating.

Caveat Emptor my friends.

Pete Hitesman
Relentless Improvement

Carnitine Protective of Oxidative Eye Damage

Good news on the research front, see this link:

Researchers in Saudi Arabia looked at the ability of L-carnitine to protect the eyes from oxidative damage. They concluded “ L-carnitine is capable of protecting the retinal pigment epithelium cells from H2O2-induced oxidative damage, implying that micronutrients can have a positive effect and can play an important role in the treatment of oxidation-induced ocular disorders." Further studies are needed to understand the mechanism of LC-induced protection to the RPE cells.

If you like the idea of Carnitine supplementation, we offer two Geronova Research products, a Carnitine Liquid and Carnitine Plus. Both are high quality sources of carnitine.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Warning. Shopper Beware. Na-RALA R-lipoic Acid Label Games.

Recently I have become aware of some consumer unfriendly label games being played. When you shop for a R-lipoic acid product, and it is formulated with the new Na-RALA...


Na-RALA is approx 70% active, so 100 mg of Na-RALA equals 70 mg r-lipoic acid. Example. Putting 100 mg on the front label is deceptive. While it may be 100 mg Na-RALA, it is 70 mg of r-lipoic acid, not 100 mg.


300 mg or Na-RALA equals 210 mg of r-lipoic. (example) Putting 300 mg on the front label is in my opinion, deceptive.

Another example. The product provides 210 mg of r-lipoic acid. Not 300 mg.

The labels on these products mislead the consumer. Do the math, cost per mg of active material, to determine your true, accurate cost, and you find what appeared to be an attractive price is actually not such a good deal.

Milligrams of active r-lipoic is what you care about, not the mg of sodium bicarbonate it takes to stabilize the material!

Geronova brand K-RALA 100mg, and K-RALA 300mg list the r-lipoic acid content per capsule accurately, honestly, truthfully. 100 mg and 300 mg. Not the total Na-RALA mg.

Is what the other vendors are doing legal? Probably, they disclose the mg of ingredient (not active) material. Is it intentionally misleading, so that they can appear to sell more for less $$? You bet it is.

Be a careful shopper. Read your labels carefully. When something appears too good of a deal in price, don't be a blind sheep. Quality is not free, when a price is seemingly too good, ask yourself, "what is wrong here?"

Pete Hitesman
Relentless Improvement

Friday, May 09, 2008

Customer Feedback

I have an interesting and diverse group of customers. Probably more than a fair share of hackers and coders. Gareth, a customer in Wales (UK), wrote about his nootropic use on his Litesim blog and was kind enough to mention his experience with Relentless Improvement.

Gareth's business, Litesim, "is a virtual world simulator and hosting service which allows you to build on your own virtual land, customize your avatar, add innovative website integration and 3D presence."

Back when I was putting in the 18 hour days, 7 days a week, every month for a couple years to get Relentless Improvement off the ground I frequently found creativity fuel in the form of Sulbutiamine, Piracetam and Oxiracetam.

For those times when I sought a relaxing cognitive boost, Phenibut was the answer.

Proper, healthy nutrition and regular exercise are a critical foundation for any supplement regimen, and I can't stress that enough. Racetams also seem to exhibit a wide individual variability of action, some folks experience strong benefits, others no. We all have our unique biochemistry, so keep that in mind.

Pete Hitesman

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Product: TruFiber Prebiotic Fiber

New from Therabiotics the manufacturer of our Theralac probiotic and Enzalase digestive enzyme, the natural, complementary next step:

TruFiber Prebiotic Fiber powder. I just tried some in water and the good news is that it is not gritty, not thick and viscous (unlike many fiber powders). Simple, tasteless, quick, healthy.

Click here (4.7 MB)(or right click and save to your computer) to enjoy a professional powerpoint presentation on the unique benefits of TruFiber.

Look, intestinal health is critical for overall health and well-being. Having the right bugs in your gut is key for proper absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Without healthy gut bacteria, you leave yourself open to all manner of health problems.

Therabiotics is focused on gut health, and nothing else. Their products are well researched, science based, and in my opinion the very best money can buy.

Invest in your gut today, reap the rewards for a lifetime.

TruFiber is in stock TODAY at Relentless Improvement supplements, even before you can buy it anywhere else!