Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Carnosine Eye Drops Glaucoma, Cataract Feedback


Wanted to let you know of the great results I have had lowering my eye pressure with your Carnosine Eye Drops.

I have a terrible family history of high eye pressure, glaucoma and
blindness. I have been on prescription eye drops for about eight years. During that time my pressures stayed around 19 to 20.

I tried your Carnosine Eye Drops for about six months. I went on them for slight cataracts in both eyes. I don’t think the cataracts are affecting my eye sight. But, having seen my wife under go surgery for them, I wanted to try Carnosine. I was also interested in the fact that
Carnosine was also used to treat glaucoma in Russia.

At thirty days on the Carnosine drops my readings were only slightly
lower but at my next three month exam they had dropped to 16 in both eyes. Three months later they were still 16. Three months later I was off the Carnosine Eye Drops and my readings were 19 one eye and 21 the other

I went back on the Carnosine Drops for one month before an exam and the readings were slightly better. But, today after being back on the drops four months my readings were 12 one eye and 13 the other eye.

I think I may be getting even better results this time because I am
keeping even the open bottle of drops in the refrigerator.

I would like to thank you for making this product available. Also
appreciate your dependable service.

Thanks again, and wishing you much success and health."

No sir, thank you for your feedback and comments. These kind of emails really highlight my day. Being able to help people, every day, that I don't even know, is a wonderful feeling.