Thursday, December 20, 2007

Controlled Release Lipoic Acid - No Evidence for Efficacy

(1/14/2008: Note that the CRLA referred to in this paper are NOT Geronova's natural sustained release lipoics such as R-PLUS, Mito GOLD and R-PLUS with CoQ10.)

Brand new research released from Geronova Research, and associates, examines the science behind controlled release lipoic acid ("CRLA") and finds no evidence of benefits, safety or efficacy.

"The case against controlled release lipoic acid: A pharmacokinetic-mechanistic argument (part 1)"

Geronova and associates position is that CRLA proponent's marketing materials "fail to demonstrate superiority of CRLA" and that "It is important to distinguish marketing literature from science".

The Geronova paper clearly documents, with referenced research that "it is evident that rapid uptake and clearance of LA (Lipoic Acid) from the plasma is a beneficial attribute, not a shortcoming".

"All PK (pharmacokinetic) studies over the last 57 years provide irrefutable evidence that QRLA (quick release lipoic acid) is safe and efficacious. Recent attempts to market CRLA as a superior form of LA are without technical merit."

The new research paper was authored by:

David Carlson: Geronova director of R&D, specializing in R-lipoic and R-dihydrolipoic laboratory and industrial research.

Dr. Anthony Smith Ph.D: Linus Pauling Institute, author of multiple published, peer reviewed lipoic papers.

Dr. Heinz Ulrich, M.D.: Considered one of the worlds leading experts on lipoic acid and its use in clinical medicine. Dr. Ulrich has 44 patents and 15 peer reviewed articles on lipoic acid.

There is a ton of excellent information in this new paper, it will be worth your while to dig in. Those with a less technical interest can simply rest assured that Geronova Research r-lipoic acid supplements are the worlds best documented products, carefully researched and formulated for maximum possible benefits.

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