Friday, December 07, 2007

EgCG Green Tea Colon Cancer Protection?

New EgCG study released today with intriguing findins:

"According to research reported at the Sixth International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention, sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research, a standardized green tea polyphenol (EgCG) preparation (Polyphenon E) limits the growth of colorectal tumors in rats treated with a substance that causes the cancer."

EgCG has a multitude of exciting health benefits. No matter your age or situation, you need to take a pure EgCG green tea extract daily in my opinion. Check out my previous post here on EgCG.

"The researchers believe these findings will pave the way for clinical trials with green tea polyphenols in humans."

And I for one cannot wait to see the results!

Carnsine Eye Drops For Cataracts

Customer Feedback:

"Hi Pete

Just a note to let you how impressed I've been by the Carnosine Eye Drops which you supplied so quickly a few weeks ago. I only ordered them as an "add-on" having read a comment in your blog about how effective they'd been for an older dog. I can't believe the difference they'd made to my own dog's eyes. He is an 8 year old bullmastiff who has suffered with entropion since birth. He's been slowly developing cataracts in both eyes and has also previously caused damage to both of them via either debris or by simply walking into things!

I started by giving him one drop in each eye four times a day and within a week his eyes were clear, bright and shiny - I can't recall the last time they looked like that. I've now reduced the dose to a drop a.m. and again before bed and will continue that for the next month when he is due for a regular check-up - with any luck the vet will confirm that his cataracts have either reduced or been cleared completely. Thanks a million!

I'll definitely be shopping with you again!(I'm also passing on the info about the carnosine eye drops to my vets both here in Switzerland and also in the UK)


Pete comment: Wow, gotta love that feedback. Note of caution: it usually takes months of use to obtain the results you seek. While this was a fast, happy, result, I think the carnosine eye drop speed of action in this example was exceptional.