Monday, November 19, 2007

Relentless Improvement Carnosine Eye Drops and Pet Cataracts. Customer Comment


Just a quick note to thank you for a fabulous product. (The N-Acetyl
L-Carnosine Eye drops
) I researched for quite a while and through HSI
(Health Science Institute) in Baltimore, discovered the (carnosine) eye drops.

Although I use them on myself sporadically as a preventive measure, I
really got them for our fourteen year old dog who developed cataracts
and was unable to see clearly anymore. After literally a week of
usage (twice a day) I could actually see the clouds in her eyes
shrinking and watched her climb the steps again without tripping on
them because of a misstep from her clouded vision.

I have given your website with kudos to your product to everyone I
know who has vision problems themselves or who have pets with vision problems.

Again, thank you so much for giving us a solution to an otherwise
helpless situation.


Very nice email to start off the week with. Our Relentless Improvement Lubricating Eye Drops w/ 1% Acetyl-l-Carnosine are in stock and ship same day for orders received by 1 PM Pacific.