Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Customer Feedback. Sulbutiamine and Galantamine.


Just wanted to comment on the excellent products you supply. My orders were delivered very promptly and the quality is unparalleled. I'm getting particularly noticeable results with the sulbutiamine, even at just 200-400 mgs/day. About an hour after just one capsule it feels as though I've woken up from the best sleep of my life. Vigilance and antiasthenia are maintained for 9-12 hrs afterwards with no afternoon or evening slump.

I had tried your recommended 600 mg once daily dosage but that made me feel anxious, restless, and jittery, so I reduced the dosage and have been well-rewarded. Since I'm combining the sulbutiamine with low-dosage galantamine (ala donepezil and the airline pilots), I'm probably experiencing a synergistic effect that permits, even requires, lower dosages of each. Moreover, they further complement one another in that galantamine also stimulates nicotinic receptors and sulbutiamine modulates dopaminergic and glutaminergic transmission.

My mood has been sensational, and my memory, which was already above average, is becoming phenomenal (noticeably easier time remembering my pathology, virology, and pharmacology). I highly recommended this potent combo (8-16 mg galantamine with 200-600 mgs sulbutiamine daily). I will soon be incorporating piracetam into the mix, albeit titered to my specific needs.

Thanks again for excellent service and quality,

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