Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Aging Therapeutics Initiative" - Another Front in the War Against the Disease of Human Aging

Copied below is the text of press release dated October 30, 2007. This is intriguing stuff and worthy of your attention and support.


OCTOBER 30, 2007 - DUBLIN, CA - Author Dan Baker published one of the first novels on the topic of gene-based aging reversal in 2007. FOREVER AND EVER was developed with an eminent molecular biologist and featured aging reversal technology so accurate and plausible it ignited a fierce debate in the biotech community, and prompted calls for a privately funded biotech research effort to defeat human aging.

In the novel, biotech researchers team up with a billionaire to develop a revolutionary gene-based stem cell treatment that reverses aging. Freed from corporate and academic constraints, the scientists leap decades ahead in their research.

Mr. Baker’s book prompted University of Chicago longevity researcher, Dr. Leonid Gavrilov, to comment: “We will hear about this book soon from many people, leading to a loud public demand to start a serious biotech war on aging.” Dr. Stanley Shostak, a retired stem cell biologist, lauded the book’s scientific accuracy. “The most important feature of the novel is that Baker got the science right. He understands genomics, bio-informatics, and stem-cell therapy.”

“The small group of visionaries in this field have asked me to propose a privately-funded biotechnology research effort similar to that in my book. I believe this could deliver effective gene-based anti-aging therapeutics within the lifespan of the baby boomer generation,” Baker said. “We decided to call it the AGING THERAPEUTICS INITIATIVE.”

THE AGING THERAPEUTICS INITIATIVE will be the largest privately funded scientific effort in history. Princeton Professor Lee M. Silver said, “The ability to overcome the aging process and to achieve immortality will be the most significant medical breakthrough that will ever be made.”

Mr. Baker is mounting an effort to bring his book and the AGING THERAPEUTICS INITIATIVE to the attention of the world’s elite for private investment. “My book and the movie adaptation will popularize the idea of gene-based aging therapeutics. Once you popularize an idea, like Walt Disney did for space exploration, interest and funding usually follow, making it all possible,” Baker said.

Dr. Michael Fossel agrees. “What Mr. Baker is proposing -- a highly focused, privately-funded research effort to prevent, mitigate, or reverse human aging -- is plausible and viable. The baby boomers may become the first generation to be healthy well into their second century, if research is dramatically accelerated.”

“The AGING THERAPEUTICS INITIATIVE will identify, integrate, and fund key driver technologies including stem cell therapy, gene therapy, tissue engineering, artificial organs, regenerative medicine, and proteomics,” Baker said. “Cost will probably exceed ten billion dollars and development time will be in the twenty to thirty-year range.”

Dan Bakers book, FOREVER and EVER is the first fiction title on the topic of gene-based aging reversal and engineered human immortality. FOREVER and EVER is an incredible read, and I promise that you will come away at the end with an entirely new view on conquering human aging and lengthening healthy lifespans. Buy a copy today and see what the buzz is about.

You will also enjoy this YouTube video short entitled "The Immortalists" featuring Dan Baker, Ray Kurtzweil, Dr. Michael Fossel and others.