Sunday, October 28, 2007

Customer Comments

"Holy hell your order system is a total nightmare!"

"Every time I place an order, I pull my hair out screaming because your system is such a bad hack, buggy, and poorly designed. It never remembers my password, and so i always have to order as a new customer. Checking "This is my preferred billing address" does then later give me a chance to type in a preferred shipping address. Failure. I always have to remember to uncheck that little "Send me spam" box, a.k.a. your mailings or whatever. That's so cheap. Instead, the better web sites have this default to unchecked. And then, after filling in all my info there's no "checkout" button, I need to hit other buttons before the checkout button finally comes out from hiding.


I bet we won't be seeing this letter on your site or in your blog. ;-)"

Pete comment: This was likely the most acidic customer email I have ever received. I can say that ad blocking software will interfere with full functionality of our shopping cart. Be sure you "whitelist" and Also, cookies must be enabled for many features to work.

Any personal information you enter on our site is never sold, rented or given to marketers. We don't share our customer list. Permanent opting out of our periodic email (approx once per month) is achieved either in your customer profile, or via an instant "unsubscribe" link in every mailing we send.

I hate spam, I receive on average about 500 daily, but I do appreciate occasional, brief, communication that provides value (new products, items on sale). Reaching out to a customer is always a balancing act of providing value vs unwanted intrusion. There are no perfect answers.

Well, GMail is a good answer :-) They have a superb spam filter so I never see those 500 daily spams! (My MX Server points to GMail).