Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Galantamine 8 mg Scored Vegi-Tablets Now in Stock

Our new Relentless Improvement brand Galantamine offers easy adjustment of dosing as we have introduced a new scored tablet. Simply and easily break our 8 mg tablt in half to obtain your 4 mg starting dose.

Galantamine can create some gastrointestinal upset and needs to be introduced in a low dose to help avoid this. 4 mg is the generally accepted dose for the first few weeks.

If desired, for greater effects, this 4 mg Galantamine dose can be adjusted upwards to 8 mg (1 tablet in stead of 1/2 tablet).

The new tablet formulation features Vegi-Tabs with a pharmaceutical glaze.

Try a bottle of Galantamine today, or stock up and enjoy our usual automatic quantity discounts (easily earned at only 2 and 3 bottles).