Monday, September 24, 2007

Awesome Customers, Great Music

Dealing with the public can frequently be challenging. You know what I mean :-)

But I am ever appreciative of the nice people in the world. Thank you Michael for the great music.

If you enjoy some relaxing, funky, wine drinking with a loved one R&B check out Lisa Shaw "Cherry" and blue six "aquarian angel" CD's.

Mighty good stuff and a fine way to relax your day and put a pep in your step!


International Customers... ATTENTION!

With the U.S. dollar at an all time low against the Euro and a 31 year low against the Canadian dollar, the purchasing power of international online shoppers is the best it has ever been.

Order now, reap the benefits. As you know, currency exchange rates are always fluctuating.

Relentless Improvement is an international shipping specialist and ships to all countries (except Iceland). Some supplement companies are "blacklisted" by customs because of past invoicing fraud. Not Relentless Improvement- it is the rare exception that any of our orders are rejected by a local customs authority.

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Please read our Simple Shipping Policy for all the facts. Do not contact us for shipping charges, instead use the shopping cart to instantly determine your shipping charges in real-time.

No more waiting days for someone to contact you regarding shipping costs.


Iodine Supplement - New!

Check out the new Relentless Improvement Iodine Supplement, like Iodoral, but at a better price point.

Same formulation, same doses of Iodine (5 mg) and Iodide (as potassium salt 7.5mg), but the Relentless Improvement Iodine/Iodide High Potency Complex is less than half the price.

Compare Relentless Improvement 180 count at $39.99 introductory pricing (as low as $31.99 per bottle when 3 bottles are purchased) to Iodoral at $25.99 for 90 count bottle.

The new Relentless Improvement brand Iodine/Iodide is a compelling value.

Forever And Ever. More Good Reading

Want to enjoy a great fiction book about the longevity topic? Take a look at "Forever And Ever" by Dan Barker.

In the publishers words:

"FOREVER and EVER is the first fiction title on the topic of gene-based aging reversal and engineered human immortality. Developed over a four-year period with eminent molecular biologists and bioinformatics experts in the San Francisco Bay Area, FOREVER and EVER is a fascinating journey through the unprecedented social dilemmas, intense international power struggles, and bizarre possibilities of unlimited life in a youthful state."

I just got my copy and can't wait to get started. Will post a review when I finish, but a quick page-through looks great.