Friday, June 01, 2007

Do You Live Outside the USA? We Have a Sale for you.

International supplement customers, you should be rejoicing and pulling out your wallets.

As you know the trade weighted dollar value is hitting multi-year lows. What this means to you is that your AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, CHF, HKD, and NZD, for example, buys more in US dollar denominated products than it has in many years.

But that's not all: When you buy from Relentless Improvement you receive tremendous value for your money. We have always served our international customers better than nearly any other supplement supplier. How so?

1. Real-time, instant shipping cost quote in our shopping cart. So easy! No wasting your time exchanging emails and phone calls with a business in a differ time zone.

2. Fast order shipping (usually same day!).

3. Superb customer service. We answer emails quickly. During business hours, usually within 60 minutes.

4. Orders priced in your choice of currency. Less confusion! When shopping in our online store, simply choose to have the cart price the order in your desired currency.

5. Proven, documented quality. Third party, product Certificates of Analysis posted online for you to see whenever you want to. Tied to the lot number of the product that you receive. No other supplier offers this degree of quality assurance. Undocumented website and label claims are worthless, detailed public documentation is your only real proof. Demand it.

6. Professional ecommerce platform. Secure, safe, fast, easy, reliable. The online store is always up for you. Nobody runs a more professional ecommerce business than we do.

It all adds up to great value for International customers. Let us be your source for highest quality supplements.