Friday, May 25, 2007

American Analytical Chemistry Lab Information, Customer Feedback

A customer wrote to me concerned about a post he read on a website about one of the analytical testing labs I use. The post is apparently an attempt to somehow cast doubt on our product quality. Let me set the record straight:

1. AACL is a FDA inspected and credentialed laboratory. That is a fact.
2. Attempting to infer that the quality of our finished product could somehow be compromised by the choice of testing lab is absurd.

Relentless Improvement has shaken up supplement suppliers that only give lip service to quality. But I am shocked that we would come under attack by those unwilling to document their product quality (Isn't it crazy they would attack us for providing a higher-quality product?)

I have learned that the post purporting to present readers information about our testing lab is by an individual posing as a physician online. Not only is this poster a fraud (no medical license can be found when searching the state physician database) he is in reality associated with a competing business that sells supplements!

The Internet message boards are often populated by people hiding behind false identities with hidden agendas. As a careful consumer you must be aware all is not at it may first appear. That is the case here, disparaging posts by a competitor hiding behind their dark cloak of (perceived) anonymity.

I challenge you to shine the light of truth on these roaches. Call them out. And let them know how you feel about their slimy tactics by boycotting their businesses.

If anyone has concerns that I have not addressed, I am always available by telephone during business hours for further discussion.

Take care and have a good weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot. My customers comments to all this? Read below:

"Hi Pete,

Fair enough! As long as the lab is fully FDA certified, that is good enough for me. I've checked out your site, I've read your blog, and I am impressed. I can honestly say that this was the deciding factor when choosing to do business with your company. The other sites seem somewhat shady, while your site and manner of presentation is forth right, and educational to the customers. I appreciate the level of quality you strive for, and I appreciate your invitation to discuss the matter over the phone. Although that is not necessary, as your email addresses everything, the offer you provide to discuss the matter clearly shows that you give a damn.

I wish you continued success with your business Pete. I've had all my orders FAST, and I look forward to continue my patronage with your store!

Thanks again !!"