Monday, May 21, 2007

EGCG - Green Tea, More Good News (and New RI Product!)

The good news on EGCG Green tea Extract just keeps coming.

Tea 'healthier' drink than water

"They found clear evidence that drinking three to four cups of tea a day can cut the chances of having a heart attack.

Some studies suggested tea consumption protected against cancer, although this effect was less clear-cut.

Other health benefits seen included protection against tooth plaque and potentially tooth decay, plus bone strengthening.

Dr Ruxton said: "Drinking tea is actually better for you than drinking water. Water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so it's got two things going for it."

News you already knew:
Green tea extract 'is cancer aid'
Green tea compound Alzheimer hope
Green tea 'may protect the heart'

The challenge for you, finding an ultra high-quality EGCG Green Tea Extract. Did you know most EGCG green tea supplements are produced using a chloroform extraction method? UGH! Not good because it leaves chloroform residues. is a few weeks away from introducing a certified chloroform free, ultra high-potency EGCG green tea extract product.

Stay tuned as we continue to lead the way to high quality, safer, more effective supplements and vitamins.