Friday, May 18, 2007

Lipoic Acid Explored As Anti-aging Compound

Some great news being released today. Tory Hagen (bio), a noted well-respected researcher was quoted in this article:

"Our studies have shown that mice supplemented with lipoic acid have a cognitive ability, behavior, and genetic expression of almost 100 detoxification and antioxidant genes that are comparable to that of young animals," Hagen said. "They aren't just living longer, they are living better – and that's the goal we're after."


"We never really expected such a surprising range of benefits from one compound," Hagen said. "This is really unprecedented, and we're pretty excited about it." is your lipoic specialist due to our close association with US lipoic manufacturer Geronova Research. We offer the most advanced lipoic products of any distributor in the world.

Combining Carnitine Plus (acetyl-l-carnitine and carnitine orotate) and lipoic acid supplements in your regimen is a proven anti-aging strategy.

Stay tuned, much more good news coming on lipoics!