Thursday, May 17, 2007

Carnosine Eye Drops- Customer Feedback

Email from a customer today regarding our carnosine eye drop:


I think you will be interested in the following:

A year ago, I had an eye exam. My ophthalmologist indicated that my left eye had weakened significantly and I had the beginning stages of cataract formation. I found the Russian research on the internet and discovered that you have the drops as a private label product. I have ordered various products from you over the past couple of years.

I was scheduled to go for a follow-up at six months but did not do that because I wanted a longer period of time to use the NAC drops to see if I could avoid IOL implants.

Incredible results - No cataract formation and my left eye has improved significantly. The Dr. was extremely surprised. Perhaps the NAC drops worked better because I am taking various anti-aging supplements. Of particular impact could be benfotamine and (a pyridoximine) product I have been using due to a pre-diabetic condition. I did not mention the NAC drops to the Dr. because they see this stuff as "snake oil". Obviously, I will continue to use your NAC drops.

Anon by request"

Carnosine eye drops
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Quotes below from a write-up on

"Probiotics will someday be recognized as "a new essential food group," predicts Gary Huffnagle, PhD, a professor of internal medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School and a prominent probiotics researcher. "I believe we'll eventually have research-based minimum daily requirements for probiotics," he says, "just as we do for many vitamins and minerals."


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