Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fraud In The Supplement Business?

I have been known to use a line when talking to customers, regarding the risks of undocumented products: "products mixed with boat paddles in blue plastic barrels in some body's garage". Well, in this mind-blowing story from MSNBC, I was only wrong about the color of the barrel:

"To mask the chemicals' taste, the affidavit alleges, Wheat and others mixed the active ingredients with water, blue raspberry Kool-Aid and sugar in 55-gallon drums in a rented storage unit in Duluth, Ga., ending up with a bluish liquid that one witness said looked like Windex."

This example is the exception and not the rule in the supplement business. However, I personally know of unethical business practices, downright fraudulent label claims and product contents consisting of only marketing hype and none of the claimed material.

Bottom line, you damn well better deal with a business of proven integrity, honesty and reliability. Full disclosure (no "proprietary formulations") and third party analytical testing must be foremost in your buying decision.

If you let price and hype be the determinants of your buying decision, you might well be sacrificing your health. Relentless Improvement has earned the reputation as the clear leader in proven purity supplements and nootropics. We will continue to lead as others fall by the wayside.

Caveat Emptor