Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Enjoy High Quality Anti-Aging News at MPrize, Fight Aging! and Longevitymeme

Some of the very best, cutting edge, anti-aging discourse and news in the world is found on, and Invest some time to check out these superb sites and soak up the thought-provoking information and discussion.

What is MPrize all about? "A financial award offered to scientists who can demonstrate healthy life-extension in a mouse, it uses the tried and true ability of money, fame, and competition, to draw attention to the possibility of the near-term development of real anti-aging medicine."

MPrize is promoting research that will result in your improved quality of life and lengthened lifespan. Those are goals that appeal to me!

I urge you to contribute to MPrize. Why not add your investment for a better future for mankind? I did.