Thursday, April 05, 2007

Benfotiamine - Super Sale

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Benfotiamine is a powerful "late-phase" inhibitor of Advanced Glycation Endproduct (AGE) formation (so called AGE-breaker), acting through several mechanisms to reduce the irreversible nonenzymatic modification of the structure and function of bodily proteins by sugars, resulting in documented maintenance of the structure and function of retinal, nervous, glomerulal, and other tissues.

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Carnosine Eye Drops - Don't Fall For The Marketing Hype.

Let me point out some facts on Carnosine Eye Drops:
  • All the studies were conducted with the acetlyated form of carnosine (Acety-L-Carnosine). A company sells a version that is simple "l-carnosine" which has no science behind it.
  • Benzyl alcohol has decades of use, is proven very safe and does not cause stinging.
  • Any stinging, which in my experience is very, very rare, is caused by pH difference. Our carnosine eye drops pH is adjusted just right.
  • A new drop is using a preservative called Biopolynate, now I am worried about this because I don't think it has an established safety record like benzyl alcohol does.
  • Also- if this new drop has a pH above 7, then it cannot penetrate the cornea.
Another company claims that only a patented product can be effective, this is crazy! A molecule's beneficial action is not determined by it's patent status. Furthermore I have never found a US patent issued.

As always, we have to separate the facts from the marketing hype. The fact is, Relentless Improvement provides a proven purity, proven content carnosine eye drop. We are the only supplier to provide you a fully 3rd party analyzed product for your safety and peace of mind.

Now that is good news.


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