Saturday, March 31, 2007

Relentless Impovement "Proven Purity" Products. Latest List.

Here are quick reference links to all of the current Relentless Improvement brand products. Four more in the pipeline to be added soon :-)

Customer response to our high quality supplements and vitamins has been extraordinary. In emails, people tell me these the best supplements they have ever found. Well, I am biased, but I have to agree.

Alpha-GPC (Choline Alfoscerate)
Carnosine Eye Drops
Picamilon (coming very soon)

If you see a supplier claiming pharmaceutical grade, demand proof! If they won't provide it, take your supplement business elsewhere.

We are proud of our proof... we link to it directly from the product pages! And our Certificates of Analysis are always linked by lot number to the exact product that we ship you that day. Why don't all supplement companies do this?