Friday, March 23, 2007

"...Contaminated by Heavy Metals and Mold Toxins..."

There is a very sad situation unfolding now with pet food that has killed and injured many animals. Pets are like children to us, and they are deeply loved by their owners. My heart goes out to those affected.

While the exact cause of all this is still unknown, an article from Associated Press contains a paragraph that should shake you up:

"The Food and Drug Administration has said the investigation was focusing on wheat gluten in the food. Wheat gluten itself would not cause kidney failure, but the common ingredient could have been contaminated by heavy metals or mold toxins, the FDA said."

The above comment in red is a prime example why I have all Relentless Improvement brand products tested for metals, molds, yeasts and bacterial contamination by an FDA licensed analytical laboratory. I don't care about being the cheapest, I do care about high-quality vitamins and supplements.

This is a fact: Independent, 3rd party testing (NOT manufacturers CoA's) is your only assurance of label claims, and lack of contamination.

The next time you see a supplier claiming "Pharmaceutical Grade" on their labels or advertising, demand to see an independent Certificate of Analysis for that product! And demand that the lot number of the product to be shipped to you match's the lot number on the CoA.

Think about this the next time you see a few dollars difference in price between Relentless Improvement and one of the other sites. Think about this the next time you choose to save a few bucks by buying loose powders. Why do you supplement anyhow? Presumably to gain a benefit, not to risk your health...