Monday, March 12, 2007

RALA-Gel , So Long Old Friend

RALA-GEL at first 100% RLA, evolved to a more potent 60/40 RLA/DHLA combo, and has now been totally sold out and is gone forever. Congrats to those of you who snapped up the last of the specially sale priced (and fully potent and effective!) product, you got a great deal.

As a manufacturer, GeroNova had to take a hard look at their ever expanding product line and review each product's place in the big-picture. Bottom line- no sense in different products only 50mg apart.

But as the old goes out, the new comes in: R-PLUS CoQ10, RLA w/Curcumin and RLA with NAC.

Here is the full Geronova r-lipoic acid line.