Thursday, March 08, 2007

WARNING- Businesses Claiming Endorsement By Me

This is a warning to all of my readers- if you find any business posting on the internet, or otherwise claiming an endorsement of their company attributed to Pete Hitesman (me) or "Psychenaut" (the screen name I post under at, or Relentless Improvement, it is false and used without my permission.

Let me be crystal clear - I do not support, endorse or recommend any businesses other than those you read here in my blog. If you find a testamonial attributed to me on any website, or in any correspondence, it is false!

Over the years I have offered for sale products from various suppliers. Some work out, others don't.

The fact that at one time I carried a company's products is in no way indicative of my current opinion of doing business with that company.

If you find any business associating the fact I once carried their product as a current endorsement of them, then consider that their invitation for you to contact me and ask my opinion of that business now.

Do not associate me with your products without my permission.

A favorable endorsement would be the fact your products are currently carried by Relentless Improvement!

Relentless Improvement has firmly established itself as the industry gold-standard with documented product quality, superb selection, fast, world-wide shipping and a professional ecommerce platform. It is no surprise other businesses would try to associate themselves with us.