Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Essential Mix Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Powder In Stock

Essential Mix has been tough to get, but we have it.

Regular AOR Essential Mix

AOR Essential Mix with no sucrose (unsweetened)

Sale pricing on both, be sure to view the quantity discounts.

"A Well-formulated Multi-Vitamin Powder

A solid multivitamin is the keystone of a program of nutritional supplementation for optimal nutrition. But many people find it hard to swallow pills, or prefer to take their nutrients in a morning nutrition shake. Unfortunately, most liquid multivitamins are so weak or incomplete as to make no meaningful contribution to your diet, while others are unstable, unpalatable, or high in sugar. And most multivitamin formulas – pill or powder – continue to be unbalanced, poorly-designed, and out of step with the latest research.

A well-formulated multi-vitamin powder will provide you with all the essential vitamins and minerals, in balanced doses and optimal forms, in an easy-to-take powder."

Says AOR. I totally agree.

As with all of our products, Essential Mix is kept in a small warehouse under carefully climate controlled conditions until delivery to you. Our inventory turns over fast and your supplements are always fresh and potent.

Shouldn't quality matter more than size? I think so!

Thanks for your trust and support.

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