Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New AOR Products: Advanced Whey, Ortho-Methyl, Multi-Basics 3

New, and in stock now:

Advanced Whey (unflavored) AOR says: " Recent scientific research examining the anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, cholesterol-lowering and immune system-enhancing effects of whey protein is centred on a potent triad of uniquely distinct whey fractions, namely; Alpha-lactalbumin, Lactoferrin, and Sialic Acid. Advanced Whey from AOR is specifically reinforced with these three fractions."

Multi-Basics 3 AOR's brand-new multi vitamin formulation. AOR says: "Multi Basics 3™ is formulated to deliver the most fundamental nutrients in their best forms in the fewest capsules possible. Multi Basics 3™ includes all recognized essential nutrients and delivers them in superior forms, such as the inclusion of the complete E complex, Se-methylselenocysteine, and Menatetrenone."

Ortho-Methyl (Order error- 24 in stock, will be marked as Sold Out when inventory exhausted) "Ortho Methyl supports optimal methylation and healthy metabolism of the toxic amino acid homocysteine. Recent research suggests that methylation plays a central role in human health, supporting normal cell differentiation, gene expression, bone structure, and cardiovascular function. Research strongly suggests that elevated homocysteine is plays a negative role in cardiovascular health. Ortho•Methyl provides orthomolecules with proven methylation-enhancing abilities, at doses supported by published human studies."

We also have the brand new Sucrose-free (unsweetened) Essential Mix vitamin mineral powder mix in stock now. RI is the only place in the USA you can find this product. I put some incredible limited-time discount pricing onto this item to celebrate its availability.

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