Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pay Per Click Ads and Ecommerce Websites

Recently I have noticed an increase of supplement websites that also have Pay Per Click ads running on thier pages. This should be your instant clue that the site is not worth your time.

I mean, come on... why would any self respecting, successful site want to run ads that compete with thier own products? I'll tell you why- they don't care much about what they have to sell. They hope you will click the ads, which generates income for them (and they never have to ship a thing).

Several of these sites attempt to trick you into thinking that they are sites that "review" products. Yeah, these "reviews" are about as authentic and trustworthy as those that come in your daily spam emails.

You click the link to the product in the "review", and the site host collects referral fees.

Be a smart shopper. Don't fall for the scam.


More Change! New Look For The Blog, Misc Comments

If you don't make friends with improvement, you are destined to fall behind those that do.

Coming up with the new design and coding some custom features into this blog was actually fun. I am probably much more tech and ecommerce oriented than most web retailers.

Hope you like the new look and feel.

Other Info:

Relentless Improvement web site redesign and update are in progress, expect to see the results next week. Conceptualization and design are a blast - I love this stuff.

The challenge is to deploy look / feel / functionality that allow you, my customer, the greatest ease in locating and purchasing the exact product you seek with the minimum number of steps.

Ease of navigation must be combined with the ultimate in security for ecommerce. This is a huge challenge, but is entirely achievable with the right platform, safeguards, and testing. Customers have relayed some horror stories to me about other sites, and it (unfortunately) doesn't surprise me at all.

Finding a product on the cheap is all well and good, as long as your financial information is not stolen in the process.

Thanks for your trust and support.