Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Phenibut - Ready to Relax?

Phenibut is an amazing material. Find yourself stressed out with a tough day? Case of nerves? Just a higher level of vigilance than you really want? Phenibut is your friend.

I prefer to use a low dose, 1 capsule usually is quite noticeable. This way, the tolerance effect that can occur with Phenibut after several weeks use may be reduced or avoided.

Phenibut is also unique and amazing in that is supports cognition as it lends mood support! Unlike benzodiazepines for example, that relax and dumb you down and kill short term memory, phenibut supports memory.

A so called "Smart-Supplement" and relaxing mood support, that is Phenibut. A mighty fine combination for those crazy days that require peak mental fitness and mood support. Try phenibut today and see what you think.

PS- no nasty addiction potential like that found in prescription drugs! Safe, effective and almost too good to be true.